Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Does Paul Walker drive Porsche in Fast Five? Watch Fast Five Online to know!

Since, the fifth installment of Fast and Furious series is about to be released in North America, the excitement among the die-hard fans is increasing like anything. The speculations about the movie are soaring high as the Fast Five charm is contagious, thanks to its incredible plot, superb star-cast and of course, the thrill-packed car-racing sequences. So, all you entertainment followers, who are smitten by the bug of this movie, watch Fast Five online on any reliable portal soon as you just can’t dare to miss this flick.

I’m sure that you must be wondering about the car that your favorite character, Officer Brian O'Connor (played by Paul Walker) would be driving in the fifth entry of F& F series. Well, you yourself know the answer, as you know that once you enter late 30’s, the only thing that drives you crazy is- Porsche. Of course, this super-sexy, middle-aged actor will drive Porsche GT3 RS.

Now that’s cool! But honestly speaking, it is not GT3 RS model, but 996-series 911 Carrera 2. The outlook of car is enhanced with new graphics and wheels. But even after all these modifications, it’s still a Porsche. Though Porsche is not used for the first time in Fast and Furious series, but yes, this would be the first one to be driven by a male protagonist in the movie. So, catch the entire action with Fast Five!

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